Cancer Patient Empowerment Program

A comprehensive daily home-based 6-month Empowerment Program offered by an Oncologist and a Psychology Professor Scientist.

Welcome to CRC-PEP!

The Colorectal Cancer Patient Empowerment Program is a comprehensive daily home-based 6 month Empowerment Program offered by an Oncologist and a Psychology Professor Scientist (husband and wife team). It is intended for individuals of any stage who are scheduled for, undergoing, or recovering from colorectal cancer treatment - and even those in long-term follow-up. Every day for 6 months you will receive an email and a 3-5 minute PEP video teaching and encouraging home-based health-promoting activities, giving you the best possible chance for recovery and healing.

For 26 weeks, participants will receive a daily email and short PEP video; teaching and encouraging home-based health-promoting activities which include:
• Aerobic exercise and strength training demonstrated via video
• Anti-Cancer Dietary Guidance with Step-by-Step Cooking Videos
• Relaxation / stress reduction techniques
• Healthy habit formation (e.g., eliminate Sedentary behaviours, better night Sleep, Time-restricted eating, etc.)
• Practical tools to building Stronger Relationships and Deeper Connections with loved ones

Practical advice and the science behind these evidence-based activities will be shared. The aim of the program is to establish positive lifestyle changes within the 6-month period that will continue for years to come so that you can live both heathier and happier.
The  program also includes LIVE monthly video conferences, an optional private Facebook group, and an optional PEP ‘Buddy’ system for interested participants.

As part of a pilot project, CCRAN has partnered with Cancer PEP to provide this CRC-PEP program FREE of charge to 50 individuals who have been given a colorectal  cancer treatment.

Participants will be asked to complete a short quality-of-life questionnaire prior to starting and at the end of the six month program as well as evaluating the program.
Once registered, you will be emailed instructions on how to watch the pre-program videos. You will begin the program on a Sunday of your choice, at which time you will begin to receive daily emails for a total of 182 days. 

To participate or for more information, please contact  Iman

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