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Help us promote colorectal cancer awareness to reduce the number of Canadians who die from the disease each year.

Host an Event & Make a Difference

There are so many ways that you or your organization can get involved with Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network (CCRAN) to support our lifesaving programs. By planning your own fundraising event, you can have an incredibly fun team-building experience all while helping CCRAN promote colorectal cancer awareness and provide patients and caregivers with optimal support and evidence-based information.

We would be pleased to speak with you about the work we do at CCRAN and the difference your efforts will make to our organization and the patients and caregivers we serve.

Please contact CCRAN ahead of your event to complete a Third-Party Fundraiser Application Form. We can help you set up a fundraising page, promote your event and share your achievements!
Email or contact us at 1-833-79 CCRAN (22726) ext. 1002

Here are just a few ideas for colorectal cancer fundraising events that can make a difference in the lives of patients and their families:

  • Casual Dress Days – Host casual dress days in your office, where each participant donates a small fee.
  • Raffle for Free Lunch – Sell raffle tickets and the winner gets lunch for free, whether it’s in the cafeteria or with gift cards!
  • Homemade Baked Goods – Once a week, a different department or team brings in homemade baked goods to sell for the proceeds to be eventually donated.
  • Company Cookbook – Ask everyone to share their favourite recipe and compile it into a company cookbook. Sell those delicious meal ideas to family and friends and donate the proceeds.
  • Golf, Bowling, Baseball Tournament – Arrange for a group outing to a local golf course, bowling alley, or baseball diamond, then charge a fee for every player participating.
  • Fitness Challenge – Charge an entry fee to participate in a fitness challenge that’s as competitive as you’d like it to be. Form teams and collect pledges for any type of fitness challenge that suits your friends or workplace.
  • 50/50 Draws – 50/50s are the easiest and most popular way to kickstart your fundraising! Set a price for tickets – one for $5, three for $10, and 10 for $20 has proven to get people excited and engaged. Then, 50% of the money collected (or whichever percentage your group chooses) is given to the winner, with the other half donated to CCRAN.
  • Dinner & Dance - Host a formal event by inviting family, friends, and colleagues to a dinner and dance event or a cocktail party. Events of this calibre have the potential to promote a great deal of awareness and get the word out to a large number of people that colorectal cancer is preventable and beatable.
  • Auctions - Put together a live or silent auction. You or a team can make a whole event out of it or do it in conjunction with another event.
  • Car Washes - Try saying “donations accepted” instead of charging a set price when putting on a car wash on those beautiful summer days. People really appreciate having their car washed and feel generous when giving to a worthy cause.
  • Garage Sales - Work individually or as a team to set up garage sales – clean out your attic or basement and raise money for CCRAN at the same time!

Contact us and find out
how you can get involved

Find out more about hosting an event or becoming a CCRAN volunteer

Our Valued Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering for CCRAN? You can support colorectal cancer patients and caregivers in a meaningful way to make a significant difference in their lives. As a volunteer, you can make an impact in your own community.

To qualify as a volunteer, you can be a former patient, caregiver, family member, friend, or someone who believes in making a difference in the lives of others. Join us and make a difference in the lives of those touched by this disease and spread the life-saving message of colorectal cancer screening and prevention!

Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Volunteering at various fundraising events
  • Providing a testimonial to spread awareness
  • Assisting us in our Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer initiatives
  • Acting as a colorectal cancer ally and advocate in your community
  • Becoming a colorectal cancer coach or support group facilitator
  • Representing us at awareness events in your area