My Cancer Companion

As patients navigate their cancer journey, this program can help reduce the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis.


Peer-to-peer support is a mutually empowering experience; an experience which also enhances the ability to cope with the diagnosis and subsequent treatments, improves perceived sense of control, and develops self-management skills.Peer support can be more effective when participants connect with someone who has similar demographics, disease characteristics, and life experiences; someone in whom each peer can see a reflection of themselves. Their shared commonalities enhance the benefits both received and given, through peer support.

Our hope is that this program will help to ensure no one suffers the loneliness or isolation that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis as patients navigate their cancer journey.

We will get a little personal – each patient is unique, so obtaining more information will allow us to facilitate stronger connections. Participants will complete a short online form from the comfort of their home to share these details.

Cancer Companions will be matched according to:
• Tumor type, disease stage & biomarker status
• Age, gender, marital status & additional demographics
• Language(s) spoken
• Cultural background
• Sexual orientation
• Treatment journey
• Geographical location, and so much more

Benefits of Accessing CCRAN’s Peer-To-Peer Support Program:
• Increased sense of control & empowerment
• Emotional relief
• Gain the ability to cope with the journey
• Decreased anxiety and stress
• Gain sense of hope for future
• Therapeutic and healing
• Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
• Better understanding of the disease and treatment journey

You can join the “My Cancer Companion” program by emailing the Snr. Manager of Programs - Cassandra Macaulay at or contacting her at: 1 833 79 CCRAN (22726) EXT 1001

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