Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

The Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network, herein referred to as CCRAN, is committed to providing its stakeholders, corporate partners, employees, volunteers, and the public at large with a high level of service in the process of carrying out its mission.

2. Scope

This policy is intended as a guide for activities engaged by the Board of Directors, volunteers, and all employees. The private conduct of each employee, volunteer, or Board Member is a personal matter, except when such conduct compromises the reputation and image of CCRAN.

3. Policy

The Board of Directors, all employees, and volunteers of CCRAN are expected to conduct themselves in all matters involving CCRAN, consistent with the highest standards of behavior. At all times, their behavior must reflect and not compromise the trust of our stakeholders.

CCRAN Board of Directors, volunteers, and employees will:

i) Acquaint themselves with CCRAN’s mission, vision, values, and policies and behave accordingly.

ii) Not participate in, condone, or engage in dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or illegal activities.

iii) Comply with CCRAN’s policies that address specific areas of conduct and ethics.