My Foods For Life

Diet has a significant effect in terms of helping to prevent cancer and in nourishing your body after a cancer diagnosis.

My Foods for Life provides an overview of lifestyle recommendations to help reduce your risk of developing more than 50 cancers, including colorectal cancer, and recommendations to follow after a cancer diagnosis - wherever you can. These recommendations are largely based around up-to-date guidelines surrounding nutrition and cancer from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and The World Cancer Research Fund.

In this program, we go into detail regarding foods to have more of in your diet and foods to eat less of to help reduce the risk of cancer and many other chronic diseases. We also feature a nutrition and colorectal cancer spotlight, which will highlight some nutrition-related findings specific to colorectal cancer from the AICR. You will also find helpful recipes from the AICR and tips to help you achieve these recommendations.

My Foods for Life – After a Diagnosis is part two of our Secondary Cancer Prevention program. This section goes more into detail on nutrition specifically during cancer treatment and after cancer treatment is completed. You will find information on goals of nutrition during cancer treatment and common nutrition-related side effects of treatment, as well as strategies to help manage these side effects.

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