Jumbo Colon


Building awareness and saving lives one event at a time.

What is the Jumbo Colon?

CCRAN’s Jumbo Colon is an immersive and interactive exhibit which is difficult to ignore. It is an inflatable, interactive walk-through reproduction of a human colon where visitors are guided by audio/visual screens and may see and feel the various pathologies of the colon as they stroll through the exhibit. The Jumbo Colon allows guests to view giant polyps, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and the different stages of colon cancer. The fun and engaging experience draws in members of the public, providing an opportunity to connect and engage in a conversation about colorectal cancer screening and prevention.

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CCRAN’s Objective

The primary objective of CCRAN’s Jumbo Colon is to educate Canadians about the need for colorectal cancer prevention and screening.  The Jumbo Colon is of interest and relevance to all ages as a tool to encourage prevention through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and to spread awareness of colorectal cancer screening.

Additionally, the Jumbo Colon will target the following groups in particular:

  • Individuals aged 50 to 74 who are at average risk, and not symptomatic should be screened for colorectal cancer through their provincial or territorial screening programs.
  • Individuals under 50 years old, who now represent a significant number of colorectal cancer cases – cases that are rising at an alarming rate in Canada. Canadians younger than 50 years old are not within the recommended screening age because they are considered to be at low risk for the disease. Hence, this increasing incidence of disease is disturbing and highlights the need to promote awareness to this age group should they be experiencing symptoms consistent with colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer is a topic people often feel uncomfortable discussing. Consequently, symptoms may go unreported and the disease may be undetected for quite some time, making it a far more deadly cancer than it should be. Awareness and education can help to reduce the number of deaths associated with this cancer.  Understanding what symptoms to look for and when to be screened for colorectal cancer will help guide Canadians to their primary care providers, who can assess them for colorectal cancer. And if a cancer is diagnosed, it may be caught at an early stage when it is highly curable!

Did you know?

  • Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Canada, despite it being the most preventable cancer.
  • Colorectal cancer affects men and women equally.
  • Despite overall incidence of colorectal cancer being on a downward trend, incidence in the under-50 patient population is rising at an alarming rate.
  • Colorectal cancer is often diagnosed in the advanced stages in the under 50 patient population.

Event Bookings

Imagine the incredible ‘WOW’ factor of CCRAN’s Jumbo Colon as the centerpiece at your next medical conference exhibit, consumer expo, awareness or screening event, hospital, government, or corporate wellness function! The Jumbo Colon Exhibit is large enough to make an impact, but compact enough to be transported at an affordable rate. All leasing contracts include an expert CCRAN representative who takes care of the set up and take down of The Jumbo Colon and is available to promote awareness and respond to questions from the public.

Indoor Space Requirements

The Jumbo Colon Exhibit is free standing, sits in a “U” shape and must have a dry, smooth, and even base upon which to rest. We suggest, for optimum showcasing, a space of 30’ x 30’ – this size area will account for room for signage, a table and space for people to walk in and out.

Jumbo Colon Dimensions
Measurement (ft)
Height (Interior)
Height (Exterior)
Blower Hose Length
Minimum Space Required
25’ x 25’
Recommended Space
30’ x 30’

A 1 HP blower is used to initially inflate the structure and it remains on the entire time that the Jumbo Colon is being displayed. The blower is plugged into a regular 15-amp wall socket directly or using an extension cord. In most cases the exhibit has a wall on one or two sides so that visitors do not trip over the electric wires.


Within the Québec City to Windsor Corridor:

1-Day Event
2-Day Event

Longer rental periods and events outside of this area will be quoted separately to account for transportation and air travel.

The rental cost does not include any exhibit fees charged by the venue.

service 1

The shipping of the Jumbo Colon to your destination will be arranged by CCRAN. The structure and the accessories can enter through a regular sized door and do not require any special handling.

service 2

Although the Jumbo Colon is intended to be used indoors, we do make exceptions if the organization provides a tent (without centre poles) and electricity. The exhibit must have a dry, smooth, and even base to rest on.

service 3

CCRAN’s Jumbo Colon must be acknowledged as such in all marketing initiatives. Any advertising must be approved by CCRAN prior to release. Please contact Frank Pitman for templates of flyers and media alerts: frank.p@ccran.org

service 4

Frank Pitman would be pleased to answer any questions regarding CCRAN’s Jumbo Colon. Please call Frank toll free at: 1-833-792-2726 ext. 1003 or email him at: frank.p@ccran.org