My Colorectal

Cancer Coach

Our colorectal cancer coaches will help you make sense of your options

CCRAN’s My Colorectal Cancer Coaches are a trained and certified patient and family network created to guide you through your screening, treatment, or survivorship journey. CCRAN’s My Colorectal Cancer Coaches are here to help you cope more effectively and assist you in making informed decisions regarding your condition. We know how the medical system works since many of us have been through the same process and treatments ourselves. We are there for you.

Our Colorectal Cancer Coaches provide one-on-one information and support. We guide you on the following topics:

  • Primary and secondary prevention of colorectal cancer
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Information/support during and after treatments; evidence-based support throughout the metastatic journey to help improve patient outcomes
  • Assistance with cutting-edge therapies, biomarkers, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) testing, as well as the utility of ctDNA in the management of colorectal cancer

  • Access to the best colorectal cancer treatments available and navigation of the healthcare system, with a focus on improving outcomes for early age onset colorectal cancer patients
  • Assistance accessing second opinions to ensure confidence and competence in the patient journey
  • Assistance accessing the best experts in the management of colorectal cancer
  • Demystifying the clinical trials process and assistance finding a clinical trial

One of the many benefits of CCRAN’s My Colorectal Cancer Coach Program is the opportunity to access a Coach whose expertise lies in an area that you may find important and relevant to your journey. For example, here are just some of the many Colorectal Cancer Coaches CCRAN will avail to you throughout your journey:

  • My Screening & French CRC Coach
  • My Biomarkers Coach
  • My Early-Stage CRC Coach
  • My Ostomy Coach
  • My Genetics Coach
  • My Young Adult CRC Coach
  • My CRC Prevention Coach
  • My Liver Mets & Chemo  Side Effects Coach
  • My Lung Mets & Psychosocial Coach
  • My Peritoneal Mets Coach
  • My NGS and Clinical Trials Coach
Getting screened for colorectal cancer or being newly diagnosed can be overwhelming. Our colorectal cancer coaches will help you make sense of your options and will follow up with you on your next steps.

Highly trained colorectal cancer coaches will also help you navigate the healthcare system when it comes to treatments. They can also assist you when it comes to specific topics across the spectrum of colorectal cancer care because they have lived the experience and received special training and certifications. Overall, a colorectal cancer coach can help you manage your care.

You can reach "My Colorectal Cancer Coach" Program by emailing the Programs Manager - Cassandra Macaulay at or contacting her at:

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