My Colorectal

Cancer Consultant

Complete our questionnaire today and receive a personalized report about your potential treatment options.

My Colorectal Cancer Consultant is an online tool designed by CCRAN to provide the advanced colorectal cancer patient with information about potential treatment options they can discuss with their treating oncologist. Patients will be guided through a series of questions requiring their pathology report. At the end, they will receive a personalized report that outlines the potential treatment options that may be appropriate for them based on their individual diagnosis.

The goal is to help patients have a thoughtful discussion with their treating oncologist by providing them with more evidence-based information on the potential colorectal treatment options available. My Colorectal Cancer Consultant was designed to encourage informed and joint decision-making between the patient and their treating oncologist.

Complete the questionnaire today and learn more about your potential treatment options.
Please ensure you have your pathology report/NGS testing results (or your tumour's biomarker status) available to complete the questionnaire.

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